Republicans to Host Meet and Greet
CROMWELL - Town Council and Board of Education candidates from the Republican party will be at Mitchell’s on main on August 25 for a ‘meet and greet’ with residents.

       The event-advertised on the Republican Town Committee Facebook page-runs from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.

       Incumbent Mayor Enzo Faienza-seeking his third term in the Council’s top seat-leads a slate that includes RTC Chairman Allan Spotts. Councilors Samantha Slade, Richard Newton, and Frank Emmanuel also returned to the ticket, with RTC Vice Chair Ed Wenners left off after the Party’s caucus vote tally.

       Faienza, Cromwell’s first elected Mayor subsequent to a government structuring that shifted away from the Board of Selectman format, took the seat in 2013, winning re-election in an uncontested 2015 race.

       He’s challenged this year by Ken Smith, a newcomer to the Cromwell Democratic Town Committee, but a party veteran-as a campaign volunteer and coordinator-on both national and state level elections.

       Longtime Councilor Al Waters-who has served as a member of both parties throughout his 16 year tenure-is the only incumbent on the DTC side. He’s joined by Quinnipiac University law student James Demetriades, brother Ritchie Waters-a former Town Planning and Zoning commissioner-and former Selectman Myron Johnson.

       The election is sure to prompt a discourse on the budget-considered by Republicans to be a testament to their record in the majority. Faienza points to the Mill Rates-at a low to no increase over the past couple of budget cycles-as indication of the town’s ability to keep spending lean during the state’s uncertain fiscal times.

       His Democratic counterparts share his desire to keep spending to a minimum, and have expressed that they believe budgets-at or close to $1 million in each of recent years-could come even leaner.

       Faienza has his sights set on seeing the Raymond Place and Riverfront projects-among others-to full fruition. The latter is a riverfront renovation aimed at feeding businesses in the downtown district. The idea is to expand the boardwalk, while the town explores the potential for development in the area, Faienza and Town Manager Tony Salvatore said last year.

       Last year the town secured a $300,000 grant to begin the project.

       As for the Raymond Place Neighborhood Project, work involves expanding the natural gas line in order to offer a broader volume of residents that service.


       Correction: In our August 24 print edition, we incorrectly listed the event as running from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. We apologize for the error and any confusion it may have caused.