American Legion Post 75 veterans, from left, Tom Goglia, John DiMauro, Jerry Augustine and Dortha Willetts stand with Snow School students in front of a flag of veterans names on the window of the school. Photo: Snow School Principal Jennifer Cannata.
Veterans Visit Two Local Schools
MIDDLETOWN - On Thursday, Nov. 12, in celebration of Veterans’ Day, Five veterans visited the Snow School on Wadsworth Street in Middletown and several other veterans visited Frank Ward Strong School on Main Street in Durham.

       At Snow School, the students had placed paper squares on a large window of the school to represent the numbers of family members who were veterans of one of the military services. The numbers were 75 Army, 54 Navy, 32 Marines, 33 Air Force and 14 Coast Guard, making a total of 208 veterans. The paper squares were placed on the window in the form of the American flag.

       The veterans visited various classrooms at the school and talked about what it means to be a veteran. Most students were quite aware of the service and sacrifice that veterans have given to protect the liberties of Americans and to try to maintain peace in the world. Many students said they had talked with their parents and grandparents about their service in the military.

       The Durham school had a Veteran’s Day recognition program from 8:50 to 9:20 a.m. Principal Scott Sadinsky had arranged for members of the National Guard to engage in a flag retirement ceremony. Additionally, members of the 8th grade band performed “America the Beautiful.”

       On Nov. 11, many Post 75 members also attended a ceremony and breakfast with resident veterans at Middlesex Health Care Center on Randolph Road, a luncheon at Water’s Edge Health Care Facility on Church Street with resident veterans, a Council of Veterans Ceremony at Post 75 Center on O’Rourke Drive at 11 a.m. (moved from the Veterans Green on Washington Street because of rain), and a 2:00 p.m. Ceremony at the Veterans Cemetery on Bow Lane, Middletown.

       Some veterans attended a 12 p.m. meal at the Middletown Eagles Club on State Street, a Veterans’ Day dinner provided by Melilli’s Caffe & Grill at Portland High School and a Middletown Elks Veterans’ Day celebration at 5:30 p.m.